Charlie and Greg run a rig equipped with hot water systems and all the latest equipment to perform a superior job in all the services they perform. This rig has become a trademark in many Hanover neighborhoods. Look for us in your neighborhood - we're impossible to miss.


Greg Shelton loves to work outdoors. He has an extensive background in landscaping. Greg partnered with Charlie 4 years and has now achieved master power washer status. He is very dedicated to his career and pays close attention to detail and will always protect your plants. The customers love Greg not only for his hard work but for his gentle and professional personality.

About Us

Charlie Goulet has an eclectic corporate and entrepreneurial career. He has experience running several small businesses as well as holding corporate directorship positions in the field in Information Technology. He started Advanced Power Cleaning in 2005 with his wife Lorraine. In the words of Charlie, "In the sea of corporate takeovers and offshore outsourcing, I wanted to be part of a business where I could really make a difference and that would be impossible to outsource." Charlie loves being hands-on and meeting the needs of clients in a professional manner. He takes great pride in his work and strives to be the best in his field.